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Other Artists Named "Munger"

John Brown picture White House picture George Munger [1771-1825], the son of Gilbert Munger's great, great, great grandfather Josiah, i.e. Josiah → Miles → Joel → Sherman → Gilbert. George was born in Guilford Connecticut, and lived in New Haven. He was father to artists Caroline, Clarissa, and George Nicholas (see below). He was an engraver and is known for painting portraits and miniatures.

George Munger's The President's House, watercolor of the burned White House, c.1814-1815, White House Historical Association.

George Munger's John Brown, 1815, graphite and wash on paper, 4 1/2 x 3 5/8 in, Maryland Historical Society, acquired 1951, gift of Miss Emma L. Stokes.

GN Munger picture George Nicholas Munger [1803-1882], the son of George (see above), was born in East Guilford Connecticut. He was an expert mechanic and for many years made instruments for Yale College. The Library of Congress has in its collections a G. N. Munger Flute in the key of C that was made between 1840 and 1843. He was a talented amateur painter.

Signed "Geo. N. Munger", title, date, & materials unknown , 19 x 12 in., image from Circa 1800 Fine Art Gallery, San Antonio Texas.

Miniature Portrait. Caroline Munger [1808-1892], the daughter of George (see above), was born in Madison Connecticut, and spent most of her life in East River Connecticut, on the estate called "Wildwood." She is mainly known for painting miniature portraits on ivory.

Caroline Munger's Portrait on Ivory of Catherine Scranton, 1841, approximately 5 x 4 in., in the collection of the Madison Historical Society, Madison Connecticut.

Flowers picture. Clarissa Munger [1806-1889], the daughter of George (see above), was born in East Guilford Connecticut, and lived in Andover MA, New York City, and Madison Connecticut . She is famous (in her day called the best in America) for flower paintings that have been widely reproduced, especially in The Wild Flowers of America (1859).

Clarissa Munger's Iris, 1848, original watercolor leaf from privately published book Forget-Me-Not - Flowers from Nature - with Selected Poetry. Apparently this book was a prototype for The Wild Flowers of America.

Street scene Still life. Ann Wells Munger [1862-1945] was born in Springfield Massachusetts and lived for most of her productive years in Pass Christian Mississippi, summering in Provincetown Massachusetts. She painted landscapes and portraits in oil and pastels.

Ann Wells Munger's Still Life, oil, 16 x 20, Barridoff Galleries, 2000.

Ann Wells Munger's By the Shoemaker's - Pass Christian Mississippi, oil, 14 x 10, Neal Auction Company, 1999.

Seated girl. Rudölf Munger [1862-1929], born in Bern, Switzerland, spent the early part of his career painting and decorating the interiors of homes. He became locally well known as an illustrator, as a producer of posters and murals, and as a painter of glass windows. Starting around 1890 he produced some 19th C. style romanticized landscapes and some portraits of subjects in traditional garb.

Rudölf Munger's Porträt einer sitzenden jungen Frau im Trachtenkleid (1909), oil, 55 x 38 cm, offered at the 3 November 2000 auction of Dobiaschofsky Auction AG, Bern Switzerland.

Nude woman. Robert Munger [1907-1981] was born in Aubonne Switzerland and spent the first part of his career doing decorative wall painting. Around 1955 he produced some landscape paintings in oil and in watercolor, but then turned to abstract paintings.

Robert Munger's Liegender Frauenakt auf Sofa, oil on board, 46 x 38 cm, offered at the 7 May 1994 auction of Dobiaschofsky Auction AG, Bern Switzerland.

Drawing of a bust. This Unidentified drawing was purchased by a West Virginia collector along with two other similar drawings at a California estate sale in 2014. They are dated Dec 7 1891, Dec 9 1891, and Feb 9 1892. While the quality of the draftsmanship is excellent and the signatures are similar to Gilbert Munger's longhand signatures from 1892 letters, the signature match is not good enough to identify him as the artist.

Signed "Mung Er  Dec 7 1891", charcoal on paper, 18.5 x 24.25 in.

Drawing of a Woman in Profile. This unidentified drawing was purchased by a Connecticut collector, along with another similar drawing, from a Connecticut estate clearance firm in 2019. They are dated Feb 12 1890 and March 12 1890. The signature and drawing style suggests that they may be by the same artist as the drawing of a bust above,.

Signed "Mung Er  March 12 1890", charcoal on paper, approximately 12 x 18 in.

Additional painters named Munger: E. Louise Munger, New York, early 20th C; Ellwood Milton Munger, California, 1911-1988; Florence Munger, United States, 1939 exhibition record; Gertrude Munger, California & Connecticut, 1870-1940; Marguerite Munger, United States, early 20th C; Roseann Munger, Arizona, currently active.

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