This page contains the full references corresponding to the source notes in the Gilbert Munger Document Archive. Several of the source references include a link to the complete source document.

[AH] Items from an extensive file of newspaper and periodical clippings of the era compiled by Alfred Harrison, North Point Gallery, San Francisco. Please cite Harrison when using this material.

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[Cummings] Hildegard Cummings, "Gilbert Munger: On the Trail," Bulletin 1982, Number 10, Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut, Storrs. Some of the confusions about dates and places discussed in this article have been cleared up as research on Munger has continued. Complete article.

[Emmons] Diaries and papers of Samuel Franklin Emmons (member of the King Survey and Munger's friend), Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Finding Aid.

[Graves] Algernon Graves, The Royal Academy of Arts, A Complete Dictionary of Contributors and their work from its foundation in 1769 to 1904, Volume V, London, 1906 (republished several times). Thanks to Merl Moore for suggesting this publication.

[GS] Items provided by Prof. J. Gray Sweeney, Arizona State University, Tempe.

[GW] Items provided by Glenn Willumson, Palmer Museum of Art, Penn State University, University Park.

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[IP] Isaac Oliver Peterson, Art in St. Paul as Recorded in the Contemporary Newspapers, Master of Arts Thesis, University of Minnesota, 17 December 1942. This thesis seems to have made a fairly thorough search of the St. Paul newspapers for the second half of the 19th Century. But some articles from the sources covered were missed. Apparently, the Minneapolis newspapers were not searched at all.

[JM] Items provided by John Markoff, a writer for the New York Times.

[King] Clarence King, "Shasta," The Atlantic Monthly, Dec 1871.

[KO] Items provided by Prof. Kate Nearpass Ogden, Stockton College, Pomona NJ.

[LP] Items discovered by Lindsey Pedersen, Art History Department, Arizona State University on a contracted research project in the U.K.

She reports that there are no Munger references in the following published and unpublished sources:

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  • Royal Academy, The Exhibition of the Royal Academy, London, c. 1881-90. NAL Cat. Coll. 77.L Sequence C. No Munger 1881,83-90.1882: #478: Woodland Streams, oil (Gallery #5)
  • Wellesley Index of Nineteenth Century Peridicals. Online database, which covers 42 newspapers and periodicals, revealed no incidences of "Munger."
  • Wood, C. The Dictionary of Victorian Painters
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  • Redford Art Sales 1628-1997.

[Memoir]Memoir, Gilbert Munger, Landscape Artist, 1836-1903 (sic), The De Vinne Press, New York, 1904. Descendants of James Cresap Sprigg [1858-1946], a close friend of Munger's after he returned to the U.S., indicate that Sprigg was the author of this small book. The copy of Memoir at the Art Institute of Chicago library is inscribed as a presentation copy from J. C. Sprigg to Samuel P. Avery. A copy given by Sprigg to his sister Mary is inscribed: "Dear Mary Lamar - I wrote the foregoing sketch of Munger and sent it to the Dean of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mr. Sharp, and received from him an interesting acknowledgement. Russell Munger of St. Paul, Min - whom the Artist despised - had it published. Your affect. Brother Cresap." Full text of Memoir (600K bytes).

[MM] Items provided by Merl Moore, Research Collaborator at the National Museum of American Art, Washington DC. Please cite Moore when using this material.

[Monroe] Myra Dowd Monroe, "Gilbert Munger, Artist, 1836-1903," a paper given in 1948, published in Madison's Heritage: Historical Sketches of Madison Connecticut, Madison Historical Society, 1964, 118-126. Complete article.

[Monroe-2] Myra E. Dowd Monroe, "Connecticut Artists and their Work - Gilbert Munger," Connecticut Magazine, 1904, 775-784. (This is a much earlier version of [Monroe]). Complete article.

[Monroe-3] Myra E. Dowd Monroe [1872-1966], Pages from her 1950 scrapbook that relate to Gilbert Munger, Library of the Madison (CT) Historical Society. Monroe is Gilbert Munger's niece. Images of the pages. Note that the pages appear in reverse order. Navigate to the right using the ">" to see them all.

[Monroe-4] Myra Dowd Monroe, "GILBERT MUNGER ARTIST (1836-1903)," Written for Madison (CT) Historical Society. Read at Quarterly Meeting Apr.27, 1945. Typed 11 paged version in the Historical Society archives. (This is an earlier version of [Monroe]). Complete article.

[Moore] James Gregory Moore, King of the 40th Parallel: Discovery in the American West, Stanford University Books, 2006.

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[VH] Information provided by Valerie Hoyt, Librarian. Christie's, New York.

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