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Brief User Guide

The following items will give you a quick start for using The Art of Gilbert Munger website. See the Website Features page for more information on how the site works.
  • The blue menu at the left leads to all website features.
  • The "Document Archive" is 60,000+ words of annotated period documentation.
  • The "Picture Catalog" is organized by the location depicted.
  • Within a location the picture entries are ordered by size.
  • Auctions sorted by "Date+$" includes the prices realized.
  • Pictures have ID's, e.g., "#34."
  • Use "Goto ID#" to jump to a picture entry.
  • Use the "Site Search" box to find pages containing a text.
  • Use a browser's "Ctrl-f" or "CMD-f" find tool to locate a text within a page.
  • Use "Prev" and "Next" to cycle through the entire site in a logical sequence.
  • Click on most images a see a larger version.

#1: Lake Marian, Humboldt Range, Nevada.

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