Munger Paintings at the Tweed Museum

The Tweed Museum at the University of Minnesota Duluth has the largest collection of paintings by Gilbert Munger.

His brother Roger was a founder of Duluth. Roger and his descendants have provided the nucleus of the collection over the years. The collection grew significantly in the 1990s with a bequest of paintings from Robert Orcutt of Madison, Connecticut, Gilbert’s birthplace. Other individual paintings have been acquired or gifted over the years.

This page contains images of all the Tweed Munger paintings. Click on any image or title to see the full entry for that painting. Explore the full Munger website from the menu at the left.

Niagara Falls painting
#10 Niagara Falls 25x36.
Windsor Castle painting
#11  Windsor Castle 14x19.5.
Fontainebleau (Three Trees) painting
#12  Fontainebleau (Three Trees) 28x36.
Marine Venice painting
#13 Marine, Venice (on both sides) 13x16.
Venetian painting
#14 Venetian Scene 40.5x56.
Cazenovia Wheat Field painting
#15 Cazenovia Wheat (Corn) Field 34x58.
Cazenovia Old Mill painting
#16 Cazenovia Old Mill 44x36.
Two Trees painting
#17 Two Trees 44x36.
Niagara Falls painting
#22 Niagara Falls showing the Canadian and American Views 72x120
Lake Lal and Mount Agassiz painting
#37 Lake Lal and Mount Agassiz, Uinta Range, Utah 18x30.
Landscape with Hiker and River painting
#46 Landscape with Hiker and River 26.5x42.5.
Berkley Springs painting
#52 Berkley Springs 25x30.
Reflections on a Lake painting
#68 Reflections on a Lake 12x18.
Cazenovia Hay Field painting
#69 Cazenovia Hay Field 17x26.
Mountainous Lake painting
#81 Mountainous Lake Scene 14x24.
Pastoral Scene (Fontainebleau) painting
#85 Pastoral Scene (Fontainebleau) 20x30.
Near Reuilly painting
#90 Near Reuilly 12x16.
Mountain Lake painting
#91 Mountain Lake Scene 17x25.5.
French Landscape (Near Ablon) painting
#92 French Landscape (Near Ablon) 23.5x29.
French Forest painting
#93 French Forest Scene 33x26.5.
View from Inspiration Point Yosemite painting
#94 View from Inspiration Point, Yosemite 14.5x20.
Two Ladies Seated by a Lake painting
#95 Two Ladies Seated by a Lake with a Rowboat 16x13.
Forest at Fontainebleau painting
#175 Forest at Fontainebleau 15.5x25.5.
River with Birches and Lily Pads painting
#220 River with Birches and Lily Pads 17.5x13.

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