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#93. French Forest Scene.   32 x 25.5, oil on canvas. "Gilbert Munger" lower left. Canvas bears materials supplier mark "Bassinot Gauthiem" in shape of a palette. Sold by Opfer Auctioneering of Timonium MD on 10 Oct 1993 to Robert Orcutt. Gift of the Orcutt family in 1996 in memory of Robert S. Orcutt to the Tweed Museum of Art, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth. QFD Pl.52. Tweed 2003 Exhibition n.54.

An auction of paintings belonging to three collections, presented in association with the American Art Galleries on 7 - 13 April, 1899, at Chickering Hall in New York, contained the following Munger painting:

87 -- Gilbert Munger -- A Late Summer Day. An American artist, living long in England, where he enjoyed the intimate friendship of such men as Leighton and Millais, Mr. Munger is known for his landscape work, as well in Great Britain as in his native land. The scene here is of late afternoon, with the distance luminous under the glow of the sun. The foreground, in shadow, shows a pool in which some cattle are drinking. A grove of trees comes down to the pool, and a sturdy trunk, nearly bare, appears at the right. The sky of blue, gradating down to yellow, is full of pinkish clouds. Height. 32 inches; width, 26 inches. Owned by Mr. Edward Holbrook (A penciled note records the selling price as $150.)

The description matches this painting very well, except I cannot see the cows. Munger is known to have made several near duplicates of a painting. Perhaps the customer asked that the cows be omitted. Image from author's transparency.

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