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#205. Glacier Lake.

  20.5 x 28.5, oil on canvas. "Gilbert Munger" lower left. There is a "Frost & Reed, London" label, suggesting that it was done in 1877 or later from sketches Munger brought with him from the US. This painting was at Vose Galleries, Boston, in 1953. The gallery records show the title as Green River, Wyoming and the size as 20.5 x 38.5. Yet their labeled b&w photo of the painting, shown below, has an aspect ratio of 1:1.4, which is the same ratio as a 20.5 x 28.5. So the 38,5 width must be a typo for 28.5. The size 20 x 28 was commonly used by Munger in the 1870's.

Based on substantial similarity to the scenic elements in painting #77 and reports from hiking friends who have been there and seen the photo, this painting is assigned the same California location, Glacier Lake in Kings Canyon National Park. That painting is looking east at the head of the lake. This painting is looking west from the other side of the lake to the outlet. Image from Vose Galleries photo.

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