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#288. Forest of Fontainebleau.

  15 x 18, oil on panel. "Gilbert Munger" lower left. Offered as lot 113 (not illustrated) at the American Art Galleries, New York, auction of 14-15 January 1920 as the property of a private collector. The catalog describes the painting this way:
ACROSS foreground of green herbage, dark in forest shadows and encircling a small and silvery pool, the visitor looks through a broad umbrageous arch which is also deep green in its own shadow, to an area of the forest land flooded with sunshine, and on to a vaporous turquoise sky tinged with soft cream-white and delicate mauve. Out in the sunny area are lines of short trees in the colors of the early autumn, with clear vista down the centre Of the plain in Which they stand, and at the edges of the shaded arch bright shafts of light accent the silver trunks of birches. Two women in the sun are binding up fagots, and a third is resting in the shadow of a tree.
This description and size does not mach any other known pictures.

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