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#290. The Two Brothers: Forest of Fontainebleau.

  24 x 33, oil on canvas. "Gilbert Munger" lower left. Offered as lot 82 (not illustrated) at the American Art Galleries, New York, auction of 14-15 January 1920 as the property of a private collector. The catalog describes the painting this way:
CLOSE in the foreground and standing at right and left of a shallow brooklet are two sturdy trees of similar proportions, except that the one on the left projects some bare and blighted limbs skyward, while all the branches of the other have their full of foliage. The trees stand in a cloud shadow, their autumn leafage dark toward the spectator against a creamy and hazy sky, which meets a flat horizon far away. A mild autumn haze overhangs all the broad intervening fields of the great Barbizon plain, distant village buildings and trees are seen here and there, and occasional cattle, and in the middle distance stands a white cottage, while before it a farmer and his dog are crossing the brook.
This description and size does not mach any other known pictures.

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