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#305. Landscape: Near Franchard.

  28.5 x 36, presumably oil on canvas. "Gilbert Munger" lower left. This painting appears in the catalog of the estate sale of F. O. Matthiessen on 1-2 April 1902, at Mendelssohn Hall, New York City. The catalog entry states:
53 -- Landscape: Near Franchard. A pond, with birch and willows on the left and its gray water cut up by strips of rushy ground, fills the left of the foreground, the remainder being occupied by rough, grassy ground. Here, from underneath a group of oak trees, two cows, a red one and a white one, are approaching to drink. Further back is a stretch of gray, hummocky meadow, bounded by an irregular line of willow trees, which are outlined against a warm horizon, passing above to faint blue.     Signed at the left, Gilbert Munger. Height, 28.5 inches; length, 36 inches. (not illustrated)
The scene sounds very similar to paintings #78, #l38, and #306.

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