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#304. Lake in the Mountains, Humboldt Nevada.

  14 x 20, probably oil on canvas. No signature information. Sold in the auction of the famous geologist Clarence King's estate on March 12 & 13, 1903 at Mendelssohn Hall, New York City, as lot 89 (not illustrated). King likely obtained it directly from the artist. A penciled note in the catalog lists the buyer as W. H. Young, who is noted to have paid $60. The note also identifies the artist as "Gilbert Munger." The description is a perfect match for the five other known paintings by Munger of "Lake Marian" recorded on this website. To wit:
This is a view down upon a small lake which is entirely enclosed by mountain slopes, some of them bare, and others with scattered trees. There is snow on the ground, and, with the exception of a shadow upon the trees, the snow-covered foreground and part of the lake, the landscape is in full sunlight.
The Humboldt Mountains are now named the Ruby Mountains and their Lake Marian is now named Overland Lake. This St.Louis Co. (MN) Historical Society Newsletter article describes the rediscovery of Munger's "Lake Marian".

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