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#328. Near Bourron.

  ? x ?, oil on panel or canvas. "Gilbert Munger" bottom edge. A scrapbook kept by Munger's niece Myra Dowd Monroe [1872-1966] that was given to the Madison (CT) Historical Society contains a small snapshot of this painting with the title written on the cardboard mounting and a hand written note:
Mrs. Monroe may wish to have this, the painting we brought from London in 1911 - and it is now in our collection - and is fine. 2/17/12 L.A.M.
The initials refer to Lyman A, Mills, the Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut from 1899 to 1901. He had at least 15 Mungers. It is not clear whether he wants to give her the snapshot or the painting, but probably the former. The whereabouts of the painting is unknown. The village of Bourron was located about 15 km SE from the village of Barbizon in France, an area where Munger painted extensively. Bourron has now merged with the neighboring settlement and is called the "the Bourron-Marlotte commune." Digital image of the historical society snapshot provided by Bob Gundersen, Collections Chair.

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