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#61. Yosemite Valley Scene.

   20 x 28, oil on canvas. "Gilbert Munger 1876" lower right. This painting shows a grove with three bears on the valley floor. At the Oakland Museum, CA, since 1982. IAP 71068184. QFD Pl.35. Tweed 2003 Exhibition n.27. In Views of Yosemite: The Last Stance of the Romantic Landscape, an exhibition at the Fresno (CA) Art Museum, 12 June - 8 August 1982. See The Kennedy Quarterly, June 1966, p.33; and West of Eden: A History of the Art and Literature of Yosemite by Robertson, Yosemite Nat. History. Assoc. & Wilderness Press, 1984, p.79. Image from Oakland Museum transparency.

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