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#322. Landscape (Near Vernon).

   11 x 15, oil (probably on canvas). "Gilbert Munger" lower left. This painting was sold for $60 as lot 21 at the 1927 March 2-3 American Art Association New York City auction of works from the collection of the late W. J. White and others. The catalog describes the painting as follows:
In the middle of a huge irregular pool of water in which red and white cattle are wading; here and there scattered figures of peasants. The horizon is broken by a straggling line of bushy elms and beeches. From the collection of the late W. J. White.
That description is a close match for paintings #238 and #249. The "(Near Vernon)" in the title here comes from #249. The Hon. William. J. White was Munger's rich friend in Cleveland OH. Munger visited the White family there for several months in 1895. (See the document archive entries starting at 1895 - summer.) Munger might well have painted this picture while there, perhaps as a hostess present, as the painting is dated 1895. After returning to America in 1893 he sometimes "relaxed" by painting from his sketches done in France.

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