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This first group are the one-of-a-kind pages on the site. Their full URL is "" followed by the page name in the list.

error-404.shtml — Error Status "404" Response

Acks.html — Acknowledgements
AntiquesArticle.html — Antiques Magazine Munger Article
AuctionsByDate.html — Auctions Sorted by Auction Date
AuctionsByHouse.html — Auctions Sorted by Auction House
AuctionsByID.html — Auctions Sorted by Picture ID
Autograph.html — Examples of Munger's Signatures
BookProject.html — Description of the book replica of the website as of February 2020
Changes.html — Log of Site Updates
Chron.html — Guide to the Gilbert Munger Document Archive
ChronDetails.html — Document Archive for Gilbert Munger
Colburns.pdf — Archival Magazine Article
CtMag1904/CtMag2.html — Archival Magazine Article
Cummings1982.pdf — Archival Magazine Article
Exhibitions.html — Major Exhibition of Munger Paintings at the Tweed Museum
GMungerProg.pdf — Tweed Exhibition Check List
IAP.html — Inventory of American Painting References to Munger Paintings
Intro.html — Now named MungerBio.html (see below)
index.html — Website Home Page
LkMarian/Article.html — Discovering the Locale for Munger's "Lake Marian" Paintings
MDS-Page.html — Author's Resume
Memoir.pdf — 1904 Munger Memoir Book
MHS_GMunger_ComedyPlay.pdf — Script of Munger's London Play
Monroe.pdf — Archival Magazine Article
MungerBio.html — Brief Munger Biography
Museums.html — Munger Works in Museums
NPtCheckList.html — North Point Gallery Exhibition Check List
OtherMungers.html — Other 19th & Early 20th C. Artists with Surname "Munger"
Palette.html — Munger's Color Palette
prentice-id81.pdf — Analysis of the Locale for Painting #81
Refs.html — Sources
SiteConstructionNotes.html — Construction Notes for
SokolReview.html — Review of the Book about Munger Quest for Distinction
Spooner-AAR-Lyman-Exhibition.pdf — 2004 Munger Exhibition at Lyman Art Museum
SysGeoChromos.html — Chromolithographs from Systematic Geology
Title.html — Now named UserGuide.html (see below)
Target.html — Color Target
Toc.html — List of Pictures by Locale and Size
TocID.html — List of Pictures by ID
TweedCollection.html — Munger Paintings at the Tweed Museum
UserGuide.html — Website User Guide
WasatchPntgs.html — Munger Paintings of the Wasatch Mountains
WebsiteFeatures.html — Description of Major Website Features

Following are the guide pages of thumbnail images for each locale. Their full URL is "" followed by the page name in the list.

Guides/ACAC.html — California - Carmel Area
Guides/ACAM.html — California - Marin County
Guides/ACAO.html — California - Ocean
Guides/ACAT.html — California - Mountains
Guides/ACAYA.html — California - Yosemite - Royal Arches
Guides/ACAYF.html — California - Yosemite - Waterfalls
Guides/ACAYG.html — California - Yosemite - Valley Views
Guides/AID.html — Idaho
Guides/AMND.html — Minnesota - Duluth
Guides/AMNM.html — Minnesota - Minnehaha Falls
Guides/ANV.html — Nevada
Guides/ANYC.html — New York - Cazenovia Area
Guides/ANYN.html — New York - Falls and Rivers
Guides/AOR.html — Oregon
Guides/AUTU.html — Utah - Uinta Mountains
Guides/AUTW.html — Utah - Wasatch Mountains
Guides/AWA.html — Washington State
Guides/AWV.html — West Virginia - Virginia - DC
Guides/AWY.html — Wyoming
Guides/AZZ.html — USA - Unknown Locales
Guides/FEN.html — England
Guides/FFR.html — France
Guides/FSC.html — Scotland
Guides/FVE.html — Venice
Guides/ZZZ.html — Unknown Locales

Following are the individual pages for catalog items. Their full URL is "" followed by the page name in the list.

Pages/ID1.html    Pages/ID2.html    Pages/ID3.html    Pages/ID4.html    Pages/ID5.html    Pages/ID6.html    Pages/ID7.html    Pages/ID8.html    Pages/ID9.html    Pages/ID10.html    Pages/ID11.html    Pages/ID12.html    Pages/ID13.html    Pages/ID14.html    Pages/ID15.html    Pages/ID16.html    Pages/ID17.html    Pages/ID18.html    Pages/ID19.html    Pages/ID20.html    Pages/ID21.html    Pages/ID22.html    Pages/ID23.html    Pages/ID24.html    Pages/ID25.html    Pages/ID26.html    Pages/ID27.html    Pages/ID28.html    Pages/ID29.html    Pages/ID30.html    Pages/ID31.html    Pages/ID32.html    Pages/ID33.html    Pages/ID34.html    Pages/ID35.html    Pages/ID36.html    Pages/ID37.html    Pages/ID38.html    Pages/ID39.html    Pages/ID40.html    Pages/ID41.html    Pages/ID42.html    Pages/ID43.html    Pages/ID44.html    Pages/ID45.html    Pages/ID46.html    Pages/ID47.html    Pages/ID48.html    Pages/ID49.html    Pages/ID50.html    Pages/ID51.html    Pages/ID52.html    Pages/ID53.html    Pages/ID54.html    Pages/ID55.html    Pages/ID56.html    Pages/ID57.html    Pages/ID58.html    Pages/ID59.html    Pages/ID60.html    Pages/ID61.html    Pages/ID62.html    Pages/ID63.html    Pages/ID64.html    Pages/ID65.html    Pages/ID66.html    Pages/ID67.html    Pages/ID68.html    Pages/ID69.html    Pages/ID70.html    Pages/ID71.html    Pages/ID72.html    Pages/ID73.html    Pages/ID74.html    Pages/ID75.html    Pages/ID76.html    Pages/ID77.html    Pages/ID78.html    Pages/ID79.html    Pages/ID80.html    Pages/ID81.html    Pages/ID82.html    Pages/ID83.html    Pages/ID84.html    Pages/ID85.html    Pages/ID86.html    Pages/ID87.html    Pages/ID88.html    Pages/ID89.html    Pages/ID90.html    Pages/ID91.html    Pages/ID92.html    Pages/ID93.html    Pages/ID94.html    Pages/ID95.html    Pages/ID96.html    Pages/ID97.html    Pages/ID98.html    Pages/ID99.html    Pages/ID100.html    Pages/ID101.html    Pages/ID102.html    Pages/ID103.html    Pages/ID104.html    Pages/ID105.html    Pages/ID106.html    Pages/ID107.html    Pages/ID108.html    Pages/ID109.html    Pages/ID110.html    Pages/ID111.html    Pages/ID112.html    Pages/ID113.html    Pages/ID114.html    Pages/ID115.html    Pages/ID116.html    Pages/ID117.html    Pages/ID118.html    Pages/ID119.html    Pages/ID120.html    Pages/ID121.html    Pages/ID122.html    Pages/ID123.html    Pages/ID124.html    Pages/ID125.html    Pages/ID126.html    Pages/ID127.html    Pages/ID128.html    Pages/ID129.html    Pages/ID130.html    Pages/ID131.html    Pages/ID132.html    Pages/ID133.html    Pages/ID134.html    Pages/ID135.html    Pages/ID136.html    Pages/ID137.html    Pages/ID138.html    Pages/ID139.html    Pages/ID140.html    Pages/ID141.html    Pages/ID142.html    Pages/ID143.html    Pages/ID144.html    Pages/ID145.html    Pages/ID146.html    Pages/ID147.html    Pages/ID148.html    Pages/ID149.html    Pages/ID150.html    Pages/ID151.html    Pages/ID152.html    Pages/ID153.html    Pages/ID154.html    Pages/ID155.html    Pages/ID156.html    Pages/ID157.html    Pages/ID158.html    Pages/ID159.html    Pages/ID160.html    Pages/ID161.html    Pages/ID162.html    Pages/ID163.html    Pages/ID164.html    Pages/ID165.html    Pages/ID166.html    Pages/ID167.html    Pages/ID168.html    Pages/ID169.html    Pages/ID170.html    Pages/ID171.html    Pages/ID172.html    Pages/ID173.html    Pages/ID174.html    Pages/ID175.html    Pages/ID176.html    Pages/ID177.html    Pages/ID178.html    Pages/ID179.html    Pages/ID180.html    Pages/ID181.html    Pages/ID182.html    Pages/ID183.html    Pages/ID184.html    Pages/ID185.html    Pages/ID186.html    Pages/ID187.html    Pages/ID188.html    Pages/ID189.html    Pages/ID190.html    Pages/ID191.html    Pages/ID192.html    Pages/ID193.html    Pages/ID194.html    Pages/ID195.html    Pages/ID196.html    Pages/ID197.html    Pages/ID198.html    Pages/ID199.html    Pages/ID200.html    Pages/ID201.html    Pages/ID202.html    Pages/ID203.html    Pages/ID204.html    Pages/ID205.html    Pages/ID206.html    Pages/ID207.html    Pages/ID208.html    Pages/ID209.html    Pages/ID210.html    Pages/ID211.html    Pages/ID212.html    Pages/ID213.html    Pages/ID214.html    Pages/ID215.html    Pages/ID216.html    Pages/ID217.html    Pages/ID218.html    Pages/ID219.html    Pages/ID220.html    Pages/ID221.html    Pages/ID222.html    Pages/ID223.html    Pages/ID224.html    Pages/ID225.html    Pages/ID226.html    Pages/ID227.html    Pages/ID228.html    Pages/ID229.html    Pages/ID230.html    Pages/ID231.html    Pages/ID232.html    Pages/ID233.html    Pages/ID234.html    Pages/ID235.html    Pages/ID236.html    Pages/ID237.html    Pages/ID238.html    Pages/ID239.html    Pages/ID240.html    Pages/ID241.html    Pages/ID242.html    Pages/ID243.html    Pages/ID244.html    Pages/ID245.html    Pages/ID246.html    Pages/ID247.html    Pages/ID248.html    Pages/ID249.html    Pages/ID250.html    Pages/ID251.html    Pages/ID252.html    Pages/ID253.html    Pages/ID254.html    Pages/ID255.html    Pages/ID256.html    Pages/ID257.html    Pages/ID258.html    Pages/ID259.html    Pages/ID260.html    Pages/ID261.html    Pages/ID262.html    Pages/ID263.html    Pages/ID264.html    Pages/ID265.html    Pages/ID266.html    Pages/ID267.html    Pages/ID268.html    Pages/ID269.html    Pages/ID270.html    Pages/ID271.html    Pages/ID272.html    Pages/ID273.html    Pages/ID274.html    Pages/ID275.html    Pages/ID276.html    Pages/ID277.html    Pages/ID278.html    Pages/ID279.html    Pages/ID280.html    Pages/ID281.html    Pages/ID282.html    Pages/ID283.html    Pages/ID284.html    Pages/ID285.html    Pages/ID286.html    Pages/ID287.html    Pages/ID288.html    Pages/ID289.html    Pages/ID290.html    Pages/ID291.html    Pages/ID292.html    Pages/ID293.html    Pages/ID294.html    Pages/ID295.html    Pages/ID296.html    Pages/ID297.html    Pages/ID298.html    Pages/ID299.html    Pages/ID300.html    Pages/ID301.html    Pages/ID302.html    Pages/ID303.html    Pages/ID304.html    Pages/ID305.html    Pages/ID306.html    Pages/ID307.html    Pages/ID308.html    Pages/ID309.html    Pages/ID310.html    Pages/ID311.html    Pages/ID312.html    Pages/ID313.html    Pages/ID314.html    Pages/ID315.html    Pages/ID316.html    Pages/ID317.html    Pages/ID318.html    Pages/ID319.html    Pages/ID320.html    Pages/ID321.html    Pages/ID322.html    Pages/ID323.html    Pages/ID324.html    Pages/ID325.html    Pages/ID326.html    Pages/ID327.html    Pages/ID328.html    Pages/ID329.html    Pages/ID330.html    Pages/ID331.html    Pages/ID332.html    Pages/ID333.html    Pages/ID334.html    Pages/ID335.html    Pages/ID336.html   

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